Newsletter - May

Dear ALM family,

The hottest months of the year are around the corner. While we are still having some cool days, we should turn our focus to getting sod put down to establish a beautiful lawn! While sod can be installed in June, July, and August, it is better to put down your sod now. The extreme heat of the summer will cause the sod to stress and may not establish itself in the yard. 

When installing new sod, the ground should be de-grassed of any previous growth. The next step is to make sure the ground is graded and leveled to not leave any low spots that will hold water. After this the sod can be laid in an offset pattern (like bricks) to aid in water runoff. After the sod is put down, it should be watered in right away and every day for at least the next two weeks to help with establishment. If you have any questions about this process or would like a professional like myself do it for you, please give me a call!

Toby Daigle