Newsletter - February

Dear ALM family,

We are now in the month of February and spring is around the corner! This month can be a vital time to get some work done to ensure that you are prepared for the following months. Spring is the perfect time to plant annual flowers.

To be sure that your annual installations will be as beautiful and long lasting as possible, certain precautions should be taken. First of all, herbicide can be sprayed on anything that does not belong in your landscaping. However, this should only be sprayed on unwanted weeds when the temperature is above 60°F. Pesky weeds will bring down the overall look of your home or business along with the individual aspects that provide great detail. Spraying herbicide allows longer lasting control over these weeds rather than hand pulling.

Another step that should be taken is trimming the bad growth off of living perennials and pruning existing flowers for another round of blooms in early spring. This allows the plants to send more nutrients to the good growth and gives more room for the future annuals. Once these steps are taken, you are on your way to having beautiful landscaping for the prime spring and summer months. As always, we cannot wait to hear about what is going on with your landscaping!

Toby Daigle