Newsletter - March

Dear ALM family,

After last month’s preparations your landscaping should have been ridded of any unwanted substances to make room for the spring additions. To be able to keep these plants alive and growing, your irrigation needs to be working properly. Without properly watering your landscaping throughout the hot months of the year, you will risk plants dying or looking wilted. If you do not have irrigation installed, I highly suggest having a licensed professional, like myself, install a system for you. If your irrigation is already installed, you should look over your system for the following issues: Low water pressure from sprinklers, standing water around sprinkler heads, the system running more/less frequently than usual, or not running at all. If you have any of these issues, please call us to come do a full diagnostic test. After the test, we will be able to pinpoint the problem and repair it. This is just one more step to keeping a beautiful landscape.

Please feel free to call us at any time!